What we do

"It's not just about gardening, it's the people and the work we do". Bridewell is a place where we find hope in recovery
What we do

Social and therapeutic horticulture

Therapeutic horticulture can support better mental health by bringing people together, creating opportunities to learn new skills, building self esteem and confidence, providing physical exercise while working outdoors in a peaceful and beautiful setting.

The focus on rewarding and purposeful activity provides a sense of achievement. Working alongside others with shared experiences, there's a chance to rediscover a sense of personal identity centred on health, strengths, and wellness.

Therapeutic Benefits

Each activity provides opportunities for learning, a chance to try something new and to develop your skills. The physical and mental health benefits, the social and emotional benefits overlap and intertwine.
Flower Pot

Mindful and focussed

collecting, sorting, and sowing seeds

Problem solving

weeding, pruning, harvesting
Raised Bed

Stress busting

digging, mowing, barrowing


preparing firewood, blacksmithing, site repairs

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